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A simple summary of the Mabo case and Native title


https://www.pinterest.com/maharajpreetir/mabo-rachel-perkins/ = lots of articles and images collected from the web - good for background material

Resources created by ABC - on film and background context

The following site has some excellent analysis of the film using the kind of language you need to employ in your essays

This is the last episode of Rachel Perkins’ 2008 documentary series “The First Australians”, which deals not only with Eddie Koiki Mabo’s life and court case, but also the political environment of the time, including details of the other Indigenous efforts to be given their human rights, including land rights…Mrs White's class - we will watch this early 2014 as a class, but feel free to have a look before hand


The links below come from Mr Stollery-Jones. I haven't looked at them yet (December 2013).



http://www.theguardian.com/world/postcolonial/2014/aug/26/-sp-the-man-who-renounced-australia = article about an aboriginal man who has renounced his white identity

Background Information

This is a useful interactive timeline about key events in the history of land rights for Aboriginal and Torres-Strait Islanders

Useful Documents
This ABC webpage has lots of short films that are useful and some handouts - most of which are a bit skimpy but could be useful.

http://www.pinterest.com/maharajpreetir/mabo-rachel-perkins/ =really really useful and easy to navigate - looks better than this page too!!

- this is a short interview with director Rachel Perkins - quite accessible and interesting

Teacher resources parts 1-3 give comprehensive overview of film, using plenty of film language.
1. “People like us have no choice but to be troublemakers.” What

motivates Eddie Mabo’s fight for land rights?

2. ‘Mabo is more than just a story about one man’s fight for land rights.’


3. ‘Mabo explores the relationship between characters and the

environment.’ Discuss.

4. In the film Mabo, Australia is depicted as a racist and divided society.

5 "Racism is not the only thing the Eddie Mabo faces in Mabo" Discuss

Notes from Lessons

- this is the intro only. Family Essay file is a bit of a mess - lots of useful phrases and some half written intros.