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Remember you are studying the play and not the film.
http://www-958.ibm.com/software/data/cognos/manyeyes/datasets/12-angry-men/versions/1.txt = ecopy of your script

Link to the film - remember it's different to the play

http://ggcaenglish.weebly.com/12-angry-men.html = has pictures of the jurors and the film embedded

Below are photographs of the jurors from the film version

Rose's own descriptions of his characters

Resources - overview of play with essay questions etc (Some sections designed for teachers). The powerpoint is clear, easy to follow and very detailed.

Mrs White's Teaching Notes - designed for teachers but you may find them useful

Sample essays/ responses etc

References to the Jurors in your essays
8th Juror or Juror Three, Juror Seven etc. or 8th juror. I've found all three in reputable publications! Hmmm. What would I do? Choose one of the first two options and be consistent.